World Heritage Exhibitions

The World Heritage exhibitions of Stralsund and Wismar are available in English and German and give a presentation of why these historic centres are a common World Heritage. As well as this they allow visitors to experience and learn about cultural and natural sites around the world as well as the role of UNESCO. More about the World Heritage exhibitions


The Hanseatic Cities of Stralsund and Wismar produce a diverse range of World Heritage information materials for different audiences with a common visual format. Some of these materials are available to download ... Overview of publications

UNESCO Associated Schools

UNESCO Associated Schools are committed to a culture of peace, to the protection of the environment, sustainable development and social justice. School life is based around intercultural learning.

There are more than 200 UNESCO Associated Schools In Germany and around 9,000 worldwide who are part of the ASP network (Associated Schools Project) which extends to almost all UNESCO member states. The UNESCO Associated Schools develop partnership projects and international project days with schools in other countries. They carry out seminars, conferences and exchange programs.

The Grünthal comprehensive school in Stralsund has been a UNESCO Associated School since the year 2000. The large municipal Scholl Sisters Gymnasium school in Wismar is working hard on joining the network.

Website of the Grünthal comprehensive school Stralsund

Website of the Scholl Sisters Gymnasium school Wismar