A wide variety of stakeholders are involved in the maintenance and development of the Historic Centres of Stralsund and Wismar.

The society of the city as a whole, as well as builders, owners, companies and various institutions contribute in a variety of ways. It is difficult to imagine how this joint World Heritage could be protected and preserved without the support of federal and state governments, foundations, sponsors and visitors to the city.

Regular exchange between Stralsund and Wismar in matters related to this common World Heritage property is also particularly important.

Naming all of those involved would be impossible, and so the following list is limited to those who deal with the coordination and governance of the Historic Centre development institutions.

Municipal Administrations

Together with various stakeholders, city planners develop concepts for the sustainable development of the historic centres that takes overall urban issues into consideration. They are responsible for the preparation and updating of the urban framework plan and for carrying out restoration objectives.

The Monument Protection Authority carries out its legally assigned tasks according to the Law for the Protection of Historic Properties. They also develop monument plans, commission expert analyses, and enage in communication activities and consultancy work related to knowledge and understanding of the listed historic centres.

The World Heritage Management is in charge of coordinating World Heritage matters dealing with public representation as well as local, national and international bodies. It helps raise awareness about World Heritage through active educational and public relations work.

The Economic Development office supports the establishment of trade and business in the old town through mediation and advising contact people, owners, investors and other interested parties.

The tourism office offers visitors to the cities themed tours and offers on various aspects of the historic old towns. The offices also deal with all matters related to tourism.

Redevelopment Agencies

The Stralsund urban regeneration company mbH operates in redevelopment in Stralsund and the German City and Land Development Agency in Wismar.

The tasks of the redevelopment agency include the implementation of urban rehabilitation, urban regeneration, land readjustment in the redevelopment area and the management of the fund.

Experts' Forum of the City of Wismar/The Architectural Advisory Board of Stralsund

The councils are made up of external experts and independent advisory bodies. They examine projects of particular urban and architectural importance in Historic Centre area. In this way they contribute to the improvement of the urban landscape, promoting building culture while preventing urban and architectural mistakes.

Place Trustees of the German Foundation for Monument Protection

Since 1990 the German Foundation for Monument Protection has given financial and professional support to numerous projects, restoration measures and research projects in the Old Towns of Wismar and Stralsund. It has also initiated the establishment of the Wismar and Stralsund/Szczecin youth masons' guilds. The work of the German Foundation for Monument Protection in Wismar and Stralsund is supported by voluntary Place Trustees.

State Office for Culture and Heritage Conservation

As a specialized agency, the State Office for culture and historic preservation provides advice and assistance in heritage conservation and preservation. It is involved in the decision-making of the local conservation authorities in Stralsund and Wismar.

World Heritage Advisory Board of Stralsund

The World Heritage Advisory Board is made up of public representatives in the city of Stralsund. It was appointed by the Mayor in order to advise and support citizens and the municipal administration in matters related to World Heritage.

The ‘Save the Old Town of Stralsund’ Citizens Committee

As a registered association, the citizens committee attentively monitors the construction process in the historic centre and expresses public opinion on issues of the historic centre's development. The association is committed to the preservation of culturally and historically significant monuments.